Fornicating on the Battlefield | Unearthed Pictures

Here is a powerful selection from Pastor Tony’s Blog at Fornicating on the Battlefield | Unearthed Pictures. I WANT TO BURN A DIFFERENT KIND OF IMAGE INTO YOUR MIND: Just imagine for a moment that this is reality: You’re on a battlefield. It’s dark. Chaotic. Cold wind is whipping your face. The stench of … Continue reading

Generation Y embraces choice, redefines religion – Washington Times

Here is an article from the Washington Times discussing choice and religion among Millennials (Gen Y). I find myself intrigued by the “echo” generation. A generation I am right in the middle of. From a business perspective, a ministry perspective and a personal perspective as well. This article, although a little outdated (2005), is still … Continue reading

Head First Into Blogging, I Choose Hope.

It seems as though in this day and age everyone, literally EVERYONE has something to say and a place to say it. Call it a win for modern technology but a headache for those of us trying to sift through it all. Who to read? What to read? Posting and reposting, it seems the tweeting … Continue reading