My name is RJ Bennett.

A baby from the 80’s, I have been fascinated by the cultural and societal implications of the “Millennial Generation.”

My GENER8TION. Generation Y, Net Generation, Echo Boomers, Generation Next…

Our experiences are unique. We all have a story to tell and a place to do so. I am captivated by them all.

Each day my generation gains more influence on culture and our everyday lifestyle. The oldest gen Y’s are now married, with families, and moving into influential roles in business and society. We are the entrepreneurs, the strength of the workforce, a strong vote and a generation with a loud, global voice. We are socially-networked, plugged-in, uploaded and updated with the latest versions of technology and information. Societally, we are distanced by technology and linked by it at the same time. Our phones now need an adjective to describe their “intelligence” and we can tweet, tumble and status update our way to instant gratification.

For too long we have been seen as a market segment. Packaged and sold what we want to see, want to hear. When all I see is…

A generation that desperately needs Jesus.

Though I do not have all the answers, I thought I’d share a few thoughts. My mind often works faster than my hands can type. This is attempt to make the translation from synaptic gaps to words-per-minute. To capture my experiences in writing. I’m a firm believer my generation needs a voice. Their own voice. I can only hope you enjoy what you read, and leave with something you need.

Thanks for stopping by.

– RJ

For more info check out rj-bennett.com


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