BEARD WISE: A Lesson Grown is a Lesson Owned.

It’s true what they say, “A lesson grown is a lesson owned.”

Ok, maybe that’s not a thing. However, recently I participated in No-Shave November and discovered there is profound wisdom in the art of growing a beard. So, I thought I would take a break from the deep, thought provoking musings of my writing, and have fun with this one.

I give you BEARD WISE, a look at 10 lessons my beard taught me:

1. Beards Are Fascinating: I mean it’s hair…that grows out of your face!
2. Beards Are Maturing: “Oh, you DON’T need to see my I.D.?”
3. Beards Get You Respect: “BeardingHam,” Need I say more. Very exclusive, grow one you’ll figure it out.
4. Beards Keep Your Face Warm: Ever heard of a face-scarf. Mmmm say hello to warm and toasty face.
5. Beards Protect You: Drink too hot? Two words: mustache filter. Rain and wind? Repelled! Violence? Beards = face-cushion!
6. Beards Make You Approachable: People want to touch them. Enough said.
7. Beards Provoke Strong Opinions: Trust me, people will tell you if they hate that “thing” on your face.
8. Beards Bring Holiday Cheer (Year Round!): Ever seen a picture of Santa?
9. Beards Make You Smarter: The hand on the beard is unmatched in the world of contemplating deep thoughts.
10. Beards Are Illusive: They hide things…your face, objects, emotions, small animals. The list goes on an on.

So there you have it. Who would have known an entire month without shaving would change my life forever. Now you too are Beard Wise. Just glad I could share…

On a serious note. You should check out for ways to help raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues.

You should also check out the Healing Power of the Mustache to support my beard mentor and friend (Nathan Smoyer) in his quest for a new knee.

Happy Bearding!

One Response to “BEARD WISE: A Lesson Grown is a Lesson Owned.”
  1. i have learned a lesson.

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