Single for a Season

Well, it is that time of year.

You survived the onslaught of thanksgiving family and food, the holiday shopping clock is ticking away, and the seasonal decor has emerged from storage. But amidst the hustle and bustle of changing seasons and fall fashions, a subtle phenomenon occurs to those humans lacking in the facebook relationship status category. Just incase you missed that. I’m talking to all you “Singles” out there. The phenomenon to which I am referring, is the stark realization that you are in fact, alone, and the Christmas season is quickly approaching.

Not necessarily the greatest of feelings. Especially when all your friends seem to be finding significant others to occupy their time, and the cold just reminds you how alone you feel. Even the most stoic and cold hearted would admit the tug on the heart strings. I found myself, an incredibly independent guy, who was “good at being single” suffering from an extra dose of lonely during this time of the year.

Take heart! While the Christmas season may be one of the hardest times to be single, it can also be one of the most powerful seasons to remember the greatest gift the earth has ever received. A savior! Sent to the earth for you (Luke 2:11). To live and die so that you might have life! True joy. And above all, hope (Philippians 2:6)! Instead of searching for God’s perfect match for you this Christmas season, why not take the time to engage the Christmas story as the truest and most perfect love story of this entire season. That our Heavenly Father loved you, yes you, so much that he sent His only son to earth (John 3:16). And whatever loneliness you may find, fades quickly in the face of this hope we find in Jesus. Allow yourself to reach out to Him in those darkest of moments, and hold on to the joy and hope we now have access to through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Celebrate your Savior!

But what if that’s not enough? Though you have found your hope, and have joy you can’t shake the feeling that you are and continue to be alone. You feel you can’t decorate your tree alone another year, or shake the feeling you’re one year closer to being a crazy cat lady/grumpy old man. That you are destined to be #foreveralone. My challenge to you, is though you may be single this holiday season, you would put your hope in Him and know that you are truly only single for a season.

Hold on to the reminder that the same God who sent his Son, this Jesus we celebrate during Christmas, knows you, loves you and has plans to give you a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11)! Let that love captivate you! And most of all, remember you are only #singleforaseason and by no means destined to be #foreveralone.

One Response to “Single for a Season”
  1. I tend to stop dating in November so I don’t become a holiday swing lol.

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