The Price He Paid to Love Us

Often I am overwhelmed at the reality of Jesus. The reality of the cross. Grace. Mercy.

My heart has been captivated by a love deeper than I could have ever imagined. I have known this Jesus, for quite some time. Since I was young, stories of the New Testament filled our home. My mother prayed over me, prayed with and daily she prayed for me.

Yet still, years and years later I remain captivated by a deep love. A desire for reconciliation. A sense of being known by my Creator and loving Father.

It seems each day I am brought to a new place. Challenged through scripture. Through friends. Through struggles, trials and emotions of daily life. Yet He remains. Even more so, my love grows.

A Savior who transcends stories in an old book, felt boards and even lifeless tradition. He pushes past the mundane. The arrogant. The ignorant. Straight to the heart.

This has been an amazing season of new perspective and new realization of His love for us. His love for you and me personally.

Even at our worst, He loves us most. He rejoices over us (Zeph. 3:17). Gives us a song to sing!

Love is free, but it cost everything.

Let us not forget the price He paid to love us.


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