Head First Into Blogging, I Choose Hope.

It seems as though in this day and age everyone, literally EVERYONE has something to say and a place to say it. Call it a win for modern technology but a headache for those of us trying to sift through it all. Who to read? What to read? Posting and reposting, it seems the tweeting and connecting never ends.

This world of information technology is skyrocketing out ahead of us beyond what we can control or even comprehend. Smartphones are now just phones. Dial-up is ancient history, and with a click of a mouse you are thrown head first into a sea of information winding through profiles, articles and wiki’s hoping to find some grasp of reality. Just for a second, imagine a world without Google.

While I am by no means a guru, or expert of any kind. I admittedly have much, MUCH left to learn. My only hope is to somehow sift through the mess of it all. Reach into the deep recesses of my overly desensitized and overly advertised brain and pull from it all some meaning. To question true leadership in a world that has lost sight of it all. And find hope for a generation, that for too long has been overlooked, pegged as a market segment worth billions, rather than the future of our nation and our world.

You may call me crazy. I’m ok with that. But in this messed up, upside down, greed-driven and poverty-stricken world…I choose  to have hope.

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